UX Unbound

Discover. Create. Experience.

Since the dawn of the World Wide Web we’ve partnered with businesses and individuals to create, augment and upgrade their Internet presence. As a white label designer we’ve worked with freight forwarders, magazines, professional sports teams, breweries, international importers, sports camps, niche foodies, and more to bring excitement and traffic to their websites.

How can we help you? By keeping it fresh, light and easy to update. We believe that you should control your content – 24/7. So we work with content management systems that are easy to use and maintain like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. We help you stand up your image and give you the power to maintain it when YOU want to. We can host your site or help you setup your own hosting, DNS and even secure a domain name.

UX is lingo for user experience. We work with HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, JQuery and industry standard design tools to help you create your own unique look and feel. We work with Google fonts and icons, stock photo repositories and can build custom graphic treatments as your needs dictate.

They key to a successful site upgrade or launch is planning. We’ll help you wireframe and prototype designs, modify templates and organize your site. We’ll optimize your site for search while maintaining browser standards compliance.